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Textile dyes

Ilustrační obrázek sekce organická barviva

Textile dyes of Synthesia are characterized by a broad shade palettes that meet the demanding requirements of today's technology and consumer parameters and are intended for editing all types of plant, animal and synthetic fibers and materials.

Some selected dyes have GOTS Letter of Approval.

  GOTS (172.09 kB)

Thanks to the quality and high standard of textile dyes of company Synthesia are used by many major global processor of textile fibers.


 Classes of textile dyes


All sortiment for textile applications

Direct Yellow 44
Direct Yellow 28
Direct Orange 39
Direct Red 89
Direct Red 80
Direct Blue 67
Direct Blue 71
Direct Blue 85
Direct Blue 78
Direct Brown 103
Direct Black 112
Direct Black 22
Direct Brown 115
Direct Black 19
Direct Black 62
Direct Brown 115
Reactive Yellow 85
Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Orange 5
Reactive Orange 13
Reactive Orange 13

Direct dyes - Saturn®

Saturn® dyestuffs are soluble in the water with high affinity to cellulose fibers. They are recomended for exhaustion dyeing and can be combined. They can be used for dyeing of pieces, where high light fastness is needed. They are supplied in the powder form with nondusting modification.



Vat dyes - Ostanthren®

Ostanthren® dyes are water insoluble vat dyes for cellulosic fibres with high fastness. They could be used in exhausting and pad process. They are supplied in submicron powder form with nondusting modification.



Reactive dyes for textile dying - Ostazin®H

OSTAZIN®H dyestuffs belong to the group of reactive monochlortriazine dyes. First of all they are used for printing on cellulose materials . OSTAZIN®H dyestuffs can be also used for printing PAD, natural silk, chlorinated wool, half-wool and in combination with disperse dyestuffs, they can be used for printing on blended materials PES/CO. OSTAZIN® H dyestuffs can be used for termosol dyeing of cellulose materials as well. Characteristics of OSTAZIN®H dyestuffs: wide range in powder and liquid forms, non-dusting adjustment of powder forms, the aplication is easy and safe, variable fixation, generally good fastness, good washability properties, possibility use for many textile’s materials, good reproducibility.



Reactive dyes for cellulosis fibres - Ostazin®V

OSTAZIN®V are the range of vinylsulphone reactive dyes with medium reactivity, suitable for both exhaustion and padding procedures. They are characterized by high reproducibility and technological reliability.


Acid dyes - Rybacid®, Egacid®

Rybacid® dyes are acid dyes which exhaust from weak acid baths. They are used for dyeing of wool and polyamide and these dyeings have good to very good fastness properties. Rybacid® dyes are used for dyeing of wool in all levels of process and they are also suitable for shading, i.e. dyeing of the wool part in blends with other fibres.
Egacid® dyes exhaust on wool from strong acid baths and they are characterized by good to very good light fastness and average wet fastness. Egacid® dyes are used for wool fibres and natural silk with excellent levelling power. Some dyes are used for dyeing of polyamide.

Metal complex dyes - Chromolan®

CHROMOLAN® dyes represent a range of 1:1 metal komplex dyes suitable for wool dyeing above all. They can be used for dyeing of wool in all stages of its processing and are distinguished by excellent leveling properties. 


1:2 metal complex dyes - Ostalan®, Ostalan®S, Rylan® a Lanegal

Ostalan®, Ostalan®S and Rylan® dyes are 1:2 metal complex dyestuffs for dyeing and printing of wool and polyamide. They are used for dyeing of loose material, top, yarn and for various printing technique, including carpets. They have excellent wet fastness and fastness to light. The combination ability is unlimited.
Lanegal dyes are brands mixed from 1:2 metalcomplex dyes and selected acids dyes which brighten up the shade of metal-complexes together with keeping thein very good wet and light fitness on pool even in pale shades.



Disperse dyes

Disperse dyes in fine powder form, easily dispersible in water. Applicable mainly for dyeing polyester fibers or continuous high-temperature extrusion procedure. To a limited extent, also suitable for dyeing polyamide, acetate and triacetate fibers.




Water pigment preparation with priority determination for textile printing on all kinds of textile materials and their mixtures. Out of print, this class of technology can be used for continuous dyeing. Versaprint is well mixed with different binder systems as well as with other vendor´s pigments. Their simple application is environment-friendly.
Full range of preparation can also be found on a separate page Preparations

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  GOTS (172.09 kB)

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