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Leather dyes

Ilustrační obrázek sekce barviva na kůži

KOROSTAN® are anionic dyes intended for dyeing of all sorts of chromic leather.

Dyes for fur are special dyes for dyeing fur hair. They are acid dyes with small moleculle. These dyes can be combined between each other and can be used in various concentration.



All sortiment of organics dyes for leather

Direct Yellow 11
Direct Orange 39
Direct Red 89
Acid Brown 75
Acid Brown 235
Acid Black 76
Acid Black 84
Acid Black 210
Acid Yellow 194
Acid Orange 142
Acid Red 357
Acid Violet 90
Acid Blue 193
Acid Brown 355
Acid Black 194
Acid Orange 3
Acid Red 88
Acid Blue 25
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