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Other applications

Ilustrační obrázek sekce ostatní barviva

Dyes for another applications are used mainly for dyeing of heavy and thick materials as those for men and women outwear or weaving and knitting yarns, carpet yarns, fl ock and loose material - in all cases where the material is not put through the heavy milling. The dyeing is highly fast in light, carbonizing, decatizing, washing, rubbing, perspiration and ironing. The simple dyeing method is a very important and valued feature as well.


All sortiment for other applications

Acid Yellow 99
Acid Orange 74
Acid Red 183
Acid Blue 158
Acid Yellow 194
Acid Orange 142
Acid Red 357
Acid Violet 90
Acid Blue 193
Acid Brown 355
Acid Black 194
Acid Yellow 23
Acid Blue 9
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