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Optical brightening agents

ilustrační obrázek OZP

The fluorescent brightening agents (FBA) are applied for brightening of textile materials (cotton, wool, natural silk, viscose, PAD, acetate, triacetate, other applications – brightening of paper) and can be used as brightening component in detergents.

The FBA are produced in powder, liquid forms or eventually in the suspension form („slurry“). In textile industry it can be applied single or in many various pretreatment or finishing proceses. During production of washing agents, RYLUX® is used together with all components by dry or wet mixing. In paper industry RYLUX® could be applied in mass by coat or in a size press.


All sortiment of the optical brightening agents (FBA) 

Fluorescent Brightener 71
Fluorescent Brightener 71
Fluorescent Brightener 134
Fluorescent Brightener 134
Fluorescent Brightener 140
Fluorescent Brightener 264
Fluorescent Brightener 351
Fluorescent Brightener 353
Fluorescent Brightener 393
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