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C. I. Reactive Yellow 95
CAS No. -
Chemical Class Reactive azodye
Chemical type Azodye
Colour Index Reactive Yellow 95
CAS No. 84045-63-6
EC No. 281-865-3
Appearance Yellow odourless powder with anionic character.


Ilustration of print on cotton fabric*






            10 g/kg             5 g/kg             1 g/kg

*The shades displayed on this TDS are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished prints.


Property / Characteristic Unit / Conditions Limit / Range
Relative Colour Strength / EN ISO 105-Z10 part/100 (% standard) ±5 %
Chloride Content % Max. 0,5
Sulphate Content % Max. 0,75
pH 1% aq. solution 7 - 9
Conductivity µS/cm  (1% aq. solution) ≤ 5
Solubility / EN ISO 105-Z09 g/l at 25 °C 100


  Ostazin Yellow IJ-6G is dye concentrate primarily conditioned as raw material for reactive IJ inks for textile fibres. It can be also used in dyeing application, where is low content of salt demanded. We recommend to test any additive adjustment to the ink.
                 Store tightly covered at temperatures between (5° - 30°C). Product taken from the box should not be returned to the original box; store separately to avoid contaminating other materials. Ostazin Yellow IJ-6G should be keep out from humidity and other chemicals, mainly alkalis and reducing agents.
  25 kgs paper boxes
  This document is valid from 16. 9. 2014
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