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Paper dyes

Ilustrační obrázek sekce barviva na papír

Organics dyes are special and the most used dyes for dyeing of paper in mass. There are virtually represented all shades needed.

The dyes are delivered in powder or liquid form. They have a good fixation on the fiber, and good light fastness. On the bleached cellulose is achieved much brilliant colouration.



All sortiment of organics paper dyes

Direct Yellow 11
Direct Yellow 11
Direct Yellow 133/34
Direct Red 23
Direct Red 80
Direct Blue 199
Direct Blue 71
Direct Blue 71
Direct Yellow 132
Direct Orange 118
Direct Red 239
Pigment Yellow 1
Pigment Red 2
Pigment Red 266
Pigment Blue 15
Pigment Green 7
Pigment Black 7
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